Hi Pete, I have the above yoke. Real company, with a range of products built mainly for the professional simulator sector. Brunner should offer a standard/optimal configuration for aircraft model groups like small aircraft, … Regards. I would love to feel difference between FSC, ACC 3.0 and Brunner one, then decide. If I read correctly you own their yoke, so it feels different than a sidestick. Februar 2020; Diamond 65. It works in one of two mode Software and Hardware mode. Send an e-mail to info@brunner-innovation.swiss. Anfänger. Re: CLS Yoke from Brunner « Reply #7 on: Fri, 2 Dec 2016 07:13 » Hi guys, just opened a facebook group for CLS-E Yoke owners, … ($780.00) I paid $1,380.00 for each yoke. Brunner isn’t that well known outside the German-speaking world, moreso when it comes to simulator work. It offers a series of yokes, sticks, rudders and even collectives for helicopters, right the way up to the massive Full Flight Simulators (FFS) also known … Brunner CLS E Yoke Simcoders REP Beech Baron - KMRY By Hand - Duration: 1:05:02. To my dismay, I discovered the yokes were not sufficient for my Flight Illusion C-182T FTD Cockpit which had FI FFB Yokes I was going to replace. I have the 150 mm set and also the rudders. Februar 2020 #1; Hi, Is there anyone who has the Brunner CLS -E yoke working ? The Brunner is very much the real thing. This yoke is not comparable with any other yoke. BRUNNER Forum › Forums › Products › CLSE-Yoke › Consdiering Purchase CLS-E This topic contains 10 replies, has 4 voices, and was last updated by maximb 5 months, 2 weeks ago . 1,076 views. Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator ( PC Version / Mac OS ) General discussions. Built in Switzerland, with all that implies about precision manufacturing. Brunner had offered to refund the cost of the yokes . Brunner yoke and FS2. (Ask Brunner by mail to be sure ?) Feel the difference if you enable the 737 profile and the c172. Forum. 1:05:02. Questions to them are not answered. On Monday I received 2 Brunner CLS-E NG Force Feedback Yokes. If a buyer want to specified the yoke parameters, he is lost because luck of information how to do this. Videos made by Brunner company are too short and too unspecified. Brunner CLS-E A320. In all other yoke's same feelings for big aircrafts or GA aircrafts. Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total) Installation of the yoke and of its software has caused some problems to me. IPACS Aerofly Forum. Diamond 65; 26. here is a description from the website of each mode: Trimming in MSFX and Prepar3D Lets look at the FSX and Prepar3D trim systems. Winging It! But I got very friendly support by Stefan Brunner, very prompt and even at 22:00 hours in the evening … Reaktionen 2 Punkte 57 Beiträge 7. I would ship the yokes back at my expense. 26. The software has … Anyhow I send email to Brunner and I hope to get a link or photos/video how does it look in reality. In the professional simulator world, however, Brunner is well regarded. The casing of the yoke is out of silvery metal and is looking very nobel. So it is not looking like Econmy, but looking as Business or First. What about the 90 mm, this is the same pitch travel as the Saitek yoke … The functionality you talk about are features of the flight sim compatibility with force feedback, so DCS offers all that (Stick forces increase with high speed in non FBW planes, like WWII fighters, and trim changes the neutral point in all modules, and has a specific work with helicopters.
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